Foundation Repair Using The AMAZING Uretek Process

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Residential Services


Foundation problems with your home can be a nightmare.  If left unattended, repair costs rise and home values decrease.  Take control now. Call 361-885-7901

Why URETEK for residential foundation repair?

  • Specifically Trained and Accredited Supervisors & Technicians – URETEK supervisors and technicians are screened employees and are thoroughly trained to perform URETEK projects correctly and efficiently.
  • Financial Commitment – URETEK affiliated companies use the most advanced equipment and materials in the industry. Self-contained mobile units are designed to maximize performance and keep the consistency of our patented polymer.
  • Supervisors on Site – Most URETEK supervisors have over 10 years experience with structural polymer…  Simply put – We know our stuff.
  • Track Record – Collectively, we have completed over 85,000 successful projects spanning 2 decades.
  • Warranties – Upon completion of your project, you will be presented with an industry leading warranty.  Check with your local URETEK affiliate for more details on warranties and service agreements.
  • Insurance – Nationwide affiliates carry all necessary insurance required to perform URETEK concrete lifting, foundation repair, and soil stabilization projects.

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Worth the watch: URETEK ICR Residential Services Video

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URETEK ICR Residential Services

  • Interior/Exterior foundation lifting/stabilization
  • Grade beam lifting/stabilization
  • Weak soil compaction (shallow & at depth)
  • Sinkhole remediation
  • Void filling washout areas
  • Swimming Pool stabilization and lifting
  • Pool/Pool decking realignment/stabilization

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URETEK ICR Foundation Repair Features

  • Small, penny-sized (5/8″ Inch) injection holes.
  • No furniture or appliance moving
  • Small amounts of debris vacuumed immediately
  • No carpet or tile removal
  • After injection, holes are grouted and sealed

Residential Projects Utilizing The URETEK Method

At Uretek, Evaluations are Free, Call Us at 361-885-7901

A home foundation is often overlooked until a serious problem occurs. But, like any problem, foundation issues tend to get more costly when ignored. Why not have a Uretek professional stop by to ease your mind about overcoming your foundation issues?

Meet our Uretek Professionals!

Uretek foundation correction is as easy as 1,2,3. 

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We have the knowledge and equipment to accurately assess the state of your foundation, and can also offer advice on how to minimize the risk of problems before they ruin a healthy foundation. And the best part? With Uretek, these inspections are free. We’ve been a locally owned business for over eight years. We know your home is a long term investment. We will inspect your foundation, go over your concerns, present you options of solutions, and let you make the decisions that best fit your situation. We will strive to be your partner in keeping your most valuable investment maintained in good repair.

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Uretek wins the “Better Business Bureau A+ Award of Excellence” for 2009!

On May 5, 2010, the Better Business Bureau Education Foundation recognized BBB Accredited companies and non-profits who have maintained a superior commitment to ethics, overall excellence, and quality in the workplace at the 2010 Awards for Excellence luncheon.

UretekICR  South Texas has continued its streak of Better Business Bureau awards  since 2009.

UretekICR South Texas is a proud Accredited business with the Better Business Bureau.

The Uretek Process

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Home Foundation

Frequent Foundation Repair Questions

How do I know if my structure needs repairs?

  • You might have seen the warning signs…. cracks in the sheetrock, cracks in the brick veneer, doors miss-aligned and doors that are sticking. These warning signs could all be signs that your foundation is in trouble. Call Uretek and our professionals will come out and give you a thorough assessment free of charge, with no obligation. We’ll give you a detailed quote if work needs to be done.

How long will repairs take?

  • If exterior perimeter piering needs to be completed… repairs will take 3 to 4 days to complete.
  • If interior lifting is required using the Uretek Method… repairs will take 1 day to complete.
  • Our clean up is exceptional. We will replace any concrete that might have been removed and replant plants that needed to be moved.

What about payment?

  • We accept personal checks, cashier checks and credit cards. Payment will be due in full upon completion of the project.

What about plumbing tests?

  • Uretek strongly suggests the discharge side of the plumbing is checked before any type of foundation project is completed.

Do you have any references?

How long has Uretek been in business?

  • We have been in business for over 40 years. Uretek ICR Gulf Coast has been in business over 20 years. Current owners Uretek ICR South Texas have been in business 8 years.

Is there anything that I need to do to prepare for these repairs?

  • No, not really. You may, as a precaution, take any pictures or mirrors down.

Do you have a warranty?

  • After work is completed and paid in full, a lifetime warranty certificate is issued on the scope of the work. This warranty is owner transferable for the life of the structure. There is a $300 transfer fee paid within 30 days of transfer of property ownership to keep warranty current.

What about my landscaping?

  • If plants of shrubs need to be removed we will place them to the side and water them while work is being done. Once work is completed we will replant and water them again.

Does someone need to be home?

  • No, the only time we will need to get into the property is when we are ready to level and this is done near completion of repairs. If interior repairs are needed we will need access to interior of the home one additional time.

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