Protect Your Foundation

Additional measures can be taken to bring a more preventative measure to foundation settlement caused by trees and their roots. The #1 cause for all foundation settlement is that the soil under your foundation does not contain enough moisture.


How Does This Happen?

Trees are a valuable asset to your property. However when they’re close to your home they can cause problems in their search for water. Roots will grow underneath your house and take water from the soil. A single tree can remove as much as 150 gallons of water from the soil each day! (Shrubs and other plants also remove large quantities of water.) Without that moisture, the soil will contract causing a strain on the foundation.


What Can I Do To Stop This?

Biobarrier® has been used for years to prevent tree root damage to sidewalks, parking lots and roadways and is now being used to protect foundations. It is designed to be placed between tree roots and the home’s foundation to prevent the growth of tree roots under the foundation. With a 15 year guarantee, it is made of a geotextile fabric with permanently attached nodules containing trifluralin. The nodules slowly release trifluralin to prevent any root growth in the area.

The trifluralin creates a two inch vapor zone on either side of the fabric causing the roots to cease to grow or grow away from the zone. Trifluralin has been used in agriculture for more than 20 years and it decomposes in the soil quickly having less toxicity than that of table salt or asprin. If your house is at the age when settlement begins to occur and that big tree is too beautiful to cut down, call us for a free estimate to have Biobarrier® installed at your home and STOP settlement before it starts!

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