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URETEK Method                                    ( A Sole-Source Provider)       

The URETEK Method is a Certified NSF 61 Process and Material

 The URETEK Method consists of a:1) patented injection process

2) a patented injected hydro-insensitive material ( made available to only URETEK  companies worldwide ).

The URETEK Method is:

1) timely, most projects take 1 day or less to complete. Our patented injection proves requires no down time for your everyday business and zero cure time, allowing you full 100% use of the project immediately upon the completion of our work

2) non-intrusive. Our patented process eliminates noisy jackhammers, unsightly concrete trucks / dump trucks and wheelbarrows. We require a few 5/8” drilled holes to inject out patented material thru, eliminating any type of concrete breakout and re-pouring.

3) long lasting. All projects are guaranteed for 1 year not to re-settle. (same as new construction) in addition, our patented injected URETEK ICR material is warranted for 10 years not to deteriorate and or degrade, allowing your project to re-settle.


URETEK ICR patented polymers will mix and set up in the presence of water, expanding to drive out the moisture and densify the soils.

( exclusively available patented material only to URETEK companies worldwide )


URETEK ICR patented material consists of 2 polymers that react only to each other. Our patented injection process allows the injected polymers to run like a liquid for 10 to 12 seconds, filling virtually every crack, crevasse and void, then chemically expanding to void fill, compact and densify existing underlying soils.


Void filling, stabilization and lift projects are controlled by incremental injections and are monitored by keen observation and a laser lever / Compu-level.

URETEK ICR South Texas can monitor lifting to 1/100th of an inch and can control lifting within 1/10th of an inch.


Please visit our website at www.liftconcrete.com for an expanded look at our product and services.


Thank you for considering URETEK ICR South Texas as timely, long lasting and non-    intrusive solution to your soil stabilization and settled concrete issues.



Jim Leavelle                                           Craig West

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URETEK ICR South Texas                     URETEK ICRSouth Texas

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We take Master Card, Visa, and Discover and Wells Fargo Financing.


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