The Exterior Piering Process


Jericho Foundation Repair URETEK FOUNDATION REPAIRS – Many home foundation have exterior load bearing beam settlement issues requiring correction. Uretek ICR South Texas uses the pressed pile system of foundation repair to correct and level exterior foundation beams. We space our pressed pilings on 6′ centers to achieve the maximum amount of support necessary to carry the load of the weighted structure, once the load bearing beam is lifted. The engineer that designed this system feels that this 6′ spacing distributes the weight more evenly and provides a better long-term solution.

TO INSTALL EXTERIOR PILINGS – Our professional Uretek crew will mark off the location of each proposed piling. The plants are removed from the immediate area and out of the way. A sheet of plywood is also placed near the hole to be dug and any soil excavated from the hole is placed on the plywood sheet. After the area adjacent to the exterior grade beam is cleared, a hole is dug approximately 3′ x 3′ wide to gain clearance under the beam, and 4′ deep to allow placement of the hydraulic jack used to force the concrete sections into the ground. The piling segments are 12′′ long and 6′′ in diameter and made of 7000 psi concrete. They are placed one on top of the other and forced down into the ground until they meet the point of refusal. Once the pilings cannot be driven any further, a gauge on the jack determines how many pounds per square inch is being applied to the pilings, and if that measurement is sufficient, the piling drive is complete.

INTERIOR ACCESS TO YOUR PROPERTY – During the installation of the pressed piles we will not require access to the inside of the home, until the day the actual leveling process is done. Once the leveling process is being done, a supervisor will need access to the inside of the home. This is the only time we will need access inside the home unless interior work is to be done. It’s a good idea, as a precaution, to take down any pictures, mirrors and other fragile items that may fall from the vibration of the jackhammer.

FINISHING TOUCHES  – After the pilings are in place, the perimeter beam will be leveled by use of hand jacks, lifted as close to it’s original level as possible. Solid concrete blocks and steel shims are then used to fill the void and secure the area under the load bearing beam. Soil is them placed and compacted back under the load bearing beam. Plants are all relocated and the area is cleaned and watered. Despite all the displacement, it is hard to see where any work has taken place after the thorough cleanup. The only exception is when concrete is located where a piling needed to be installed. If this is the case, the concrete is broken out and removed. The hole is dug and the press pile is driven as explained previously. Due to the aging process, the concrete of the patching of holes made through existing concrete may be a different color than the original existing concrete.

WARRANTY – After our work is completed and project is paid in full, a lifetime warranty will be issued on the project. This warranty is owner transferable.  A copy of this warranty titled Exterior Piering Warranty and General Notes is here.

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